Wednesday, January 12, 2005

generate a timeline of your ancestors online - free

i'm fond of two nifty timeline-generating sites.

the first service - provided by - is the simplest to use and presents the cleanest graphics. enter up to 8 dates (or range of dates) - including approximations and estimates - into your choice of a horizontal or vertical preformatted table, and the site will generate an html page with your timeline all nicely formatted and illustrated with border graphics. you'll then be able to download and use the html page or print out what you've got. the chart it generates is also small enough for you to take a screen shot and use as a graphic. this free service is available | here |. the only catch, of course, is that you provide all the data itself.

the granddaddy and still the best free timeline html pages generator online, however, is still found at ourtimelines | here |. on ourtimelines, your data is integrated with data from onsite databases.

no strings attached to either service. none.