Wednesday, June 28, 2006

early giles marriages tennessee

at the main tn type site, i recently posted most of the early GILES marriages in tennessee that i have collected in the course of my research. you can view them | here |. please remember that the list is incomplete and is meant to be used for research leads and personal, noncommercial use only.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

wilson's creek national battlefield gets more records

margaret newport of rhea co, tn's first husband was william c. underwood, csa, who was killed in missouri on 10 aug 1861 at the battle of oak creek, now called the battle of wilson's creek. her brother asa newport was wounded that day in battle and died of typhoid a few days later.

my family had others in missouri during the war, and some recent news from the wilson's creek battlefield gives me hope that i can learn more about them:

a donation to the hulston library at wilson's creek battlefield of almost 1000 reels of nara compiled service records fills out that library's microfilm collection of detailed service history for civil war soldiers from missouri and surrounding states.

the microfilms can be viewed at the library. for me, the really good news is that currently staff members are answering informational requests via e-mail!

(source: ozarks daily planner, "civil war microfilm," 23 jun 2006, part of accessed 24 jun 2006.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

morgan co, tn genealogy research helps

morgan county, tennessee's tngenweb - like genielinks ;-) - has a page of useful genealogy research helps for east tennessee genealogists | here |.

the list includes links to items like the following:

  • roane county, tennesse tax lists for 1814-1817 (morgan co was part of roane then)
  • tn courthouse fires & lost records
  • tn pension roll of 1835
  • 1840 census of pensioners
  • first families of tennessee
  • & more....
i especially like their short but sweet list of definitions for words found in old deeds | here |

Sunday, June 18, 2006

fact sheet - genealogy roane co, tn

the tennessee state library and archives keeps a genealogy help page for each tennessee county. in addition to highlighting the county's location on an outline map of the state and giving the name of the county seat and foundation information, the pages contain the following useful information - most in easy to locate list form:
  • the years in which census records are available for the county
  • selected county histories
  • a link to the archives' bibliography of local history sources
  • a list of published local records (including those published on microfilm)
  • county newspapers on microfilm at the archives
  • selected manuscripts regarding the county
  • indications of records available from the archives on interlibrary loan
roane county's history & genealogy fact sheet at the tennessee state library and archives can be accessed  | here |

Friday, June 16, 2006

roane county, tennesse genealogy records - document photos of primary materials

jane haggard gilliland's paternity documentation

in addition to creating web photo albums for the delozier cemetery and the bethel cemetery in roane county, tn today, i have also begun an album that has photographs and/or scans of some of my primary source records which county genealogists can download for their personal, noncommercial use (see copyright notices in my albums). the permanent link to this tn type picasaweb album is

the album name is roane county, tennessee genealogy sources

the initial postings to the album follow:
  • French HAGGARD 1848-1918, Death Certificate
  • Jane HAGGARD (nee GILLILAND) - Roane Co, TN documentation showing she was the daughter of Robert GILLILAND
  • 1890 Roane County, Tn marriage license for James MAJORS and Rachel MONTGOMERY

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delozier cemetery, emory gap, roane co, tn - photo album

i've uploaded a tn type album of the delozier cemetery located in emory gap, roane county, tennessee to my picasaweb public genealogy photo gallery. picasa - get it free!

bethel cemetery, kingston, roane county, tennessee - photo album

bethel historic cemetery, kingston, tn - byrd family plot

google's free picasa photo software now has a web album generator that will upload member photos directly to i have just uploaded a small album of photos taken at the bethel historic cemetery in kingston, tn to a new Tn Type site there. you can always check all of my public TnType picasaweb albums by using the link any of the photos posted in my public gallery may be downloaded for personal, noncommercial use in your genealogy research. find my bethel cemetery album | here | . Posted by Picasa

lots of copies keep stuff safe

maneuvering across the shifting sands of records accessibility laws can easily frustrate the family genealogist.

this decade's stringent homeland security laws saw many of us cringe as even records publicly accessible for years were put under wraps to comply with new laws. we also discovered that we weren't the only ones practicing an increasing sensitivity to the risk of identity theft by putting family information online. as a result, those of us who already believed that a good family historian can never have too much documentation have revved up our storage mania and become bigger packrats than ever. i know that my own appreciation for those who willingly share vital family information with me has grown exponentially in the last three or four years. I'm just about ready to offer up a special daily prayer of thanks to contributors to genforum and rootsweb message boards and to (the thankfully-still-free) worldconnect.

today, i read a stanford university report of june 14, that the the library of congress has awarded the university funds toward a collaborative inititiative to preserve digital records for future generations. the initiative relies heavily on lockss (lots of copies keep stuff safe) and clockss (controlled lockss), technologies and programs designed to make certain that digital libraries' contents don't get lost or destroyed because of reliance on one centrally-administered repository.

genealogy researchers who have lost research due to failures in backing up their digital work on a home computer; those of us who have searched diligently for records only to discover that they were destroyed in a courthouse fire; or those of us who bemoan the hoops we have to jump through to get vital records information [ see one blog's take | here | ] because of homeland security laws or identity theft these days may certainly appreciate the lots of copies keep stuff safe mentality.

something to ponder from the lockss site:

Seven million pages of new information are added to the world-wide-web each day.... [A]cademic libraries are faced with the urgent problem of creating online collections with the staying power of traditional hardcopy books and journals. Information stored on paper can survive for millennia; information stored digitally today may not be recoverable next week.

and there, too, from thomas jefferson:

...let us save what remains: not by vaults and locks which fence them from the public eye and use in consigning them to the waste of time, but by such a multiplication of copies, as shall place them beyond the reach of accident." In Thomas Jefferson: Writings: Autobiography, Notes on the State of Virginia, Public and Private Papers, Addresses, Letters, edited by Merrill D. Peterson. New York: Library of America 1984.

[Sources: (1) Stanford Report, "Money granted for digital preservationn," June 14, 2006, Accessed 16 Jun 2006. (2) Home - LOCKSS. "Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe," Acessed 16 June 2006]

Sunday, June 11, 2006

bean cemetery at whites creek, rhea county, tennessee

i have just published a photo album of the bean community cemetery at white's creek in rhea co, tn. through the album you can access photos, family notes, transcripts, and mapping. it's available on my companion rootsweb site | here |.

(note that the 1930s wpa survey of this cemetery called it the kirkland cemetery. locals say, however, that this always been the bean cem,ketery.)

roane co, tn cemetery listings, photos, and transcripts

view roane county, tennessee cemetery photo albums, and transcriptions i have posted on companion pages of this blog (always free access!)

here on my rootsweb pages


here on Tn Type, a companion blog to this one

some surnames in the albums: giles, ellis, mcpherson, brashear, haggard, majors, phillips, morgan, kurtz, brandon, montgomery, and more....

check the links often for new additions...

update:you can also view tn type's public picasaweb roane county, tennessee cemetery albums | here |

Friday, June 09, 2006

gold bug place finder and mapper online is a gold mine

gold bug, the makers of animap now offer a terrific online place locating service which can map its results to google maps. it's called site finder, and is located | here |.

a description of this new free genealogy tool on company's home page concisely lays out a number of uses for the researcher:

SiteFinder Online lets you search for towns, cemeteries, schools, courthouses (and more) and plot them onto Google Maps where you can zoom in & out or overlay the SiteFinder locations onto satellite images of area you are studying. You can plot multiple items at once, or search for your exact point of interest. [source: Gold Bug,, accessed 9 jun 2006]

GILES family surname at Rootsweb

A research tool for looking up GILES family surnames can be found | here | . From this one page, you can locate  the following:
  • Personal Websites at Rootsweb that focus on the GILES surname
  • WorldConnect Family Trees that have the GILES surname
  • Social Security Death Index entries for individuals with the GILES surname
  • Messages in the GILES surname mailing list
  • Primary records for GILES family members in the RootsWeb or USGENWEB archives
There is also a link to a GILES calendar at Rootsweb that lets you add upcoming GILES surname events.