Saturday, June 24, 2006

wilson's creek national battlefield gets more records

margaret newport of rhea co, tn's first husband was william c. underwood, csa, who was killed in missouri on 10 aug 1861 at the battle of oak creek, now called the battle of wilson's creek. her brother asa newport was wounded that day in battle and died of typhoid a few days later.

my family had others in missouri during the war, and some recent news from the wilson's creek battlefield gives me hope that i can learn more about them:

a donation to the hulston library at wilson's creek battlefield of almost 1000 reels of nara compiled service records fills out that library's microfilm collection of detailed service history for civil war soldiers from missouri and surrounding states.

the microfilms can be viewed at the library. for me, the really good news is that currently staff members are answering informational requests via e-mail!

(source: ozarks daily planner, "civil war microfilm," 23 jun 2006, part of accessed 24 jun 2006.)

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