Friday, June 17, 2005

43d tn infantry and roane county tennessee civil war history

the public library in kingston, roane co, tn has a great set of pages with photos outlining the history of roane co, tn in the civil war era |here |.

as part of the site, they also have a downloadable file of roane county confederate soldiers | here | and federal soldiers | here |. though one ancestor, francis m. majors, is not listed in the file even though he is indexed as a roane county soldier elsewhere, another ancestor, james calvin giles, is listed. both of the men belonged to the 43rd tn inf, csa - calvin to co f and francis to co b.

some links that have information about the 43d tennsee infantry, csa:

to get a feel for the unit, the site to go to after the kingston library pages is george martin's site, 43rd tennessee, csa. [43 regt tenn vols]

an extracted unit history from tennesseans in the civil war, vol 1 ( © 1964 by the “civil war centennial commission of tennessee”) can be viewed | here |

the us national park service's civil war soldiers and sailors system has a unit history page | here |, and a listing of all the soldiers | here |.

battle of champion hill (mississippi) - great site that is part of - includes a virtual tour of the battle. the link takes you directly to the order of battle of the confederate forces which includes the 43d tn inf, csa

you can compare that order of battle for the confederates with the confederate order of battle which also includes the 43 tn infantry at the national park service's vicksburg site.

online sites for battles linked to the 43d tn infantry, csa (also called 43 regt tenn. vols and later 5th east tennessee volunteer regiment):

perryville (ky) - though the 43d is not listed on the order of battle at , calvin giles' pension file indicates that one of the battles he was engaged in was perrryville. in his civil war questionnaire, calvin says that his first battle was a "small skurmish in kentucky." george martin's unit history also - though obliquely - suggests that the 43d was involved in the battle of perryville.

port gibson (ms)

champion hill (ms)

big black river bridge (ms)

vicksburg (ms)

james calvin giles, who was with co f, 43d tn infantry, says in a pension application affadavit that he was also at

bull's gap (tn)
marion (va)

diaries, letters, etc - 43rd tenn inf, csa:

the civil war diary of james henry darr - darr was in co i, 43d tn inf, csa

vicksburg diary of raleigh clack - raleigh would marry sabria newport who was a sister of margaret newport, the woman francis "f.m." majors would marry after he was paroled at vicksburg and returned home. both raleigh and f.m. were in co b, 43 tn infantry, csa

bibliography (does not include links above) - 43d tennessee infantry, confederate states of america:

the us army war college in carlisle, pennsylvania has a short bibliography page for the 43d tenn infantry online | here |

george martin's home page, 43rd tennessee, csa, includes a bibliography as well.

stamper, isaac j. the civil war diary of isaac j. stamper, of bradley county, tn; enlisted dec. 26, 1861 at sweetwater, tn; his regiment surrendered may 9, 1865. cleveland, public library, 1970. 82 pp. - the published diary of the 43d's fife major, issac j. stamper. original citation located via the tennessee state library and archives.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

our archives funding is endangered - please act now

the federal government is endangering your genealogy research again, and you really should act...soon!

i've copied an e-mail call to action which begins to spell out what is happening and where you can go to read more and to begin to act (below).

if you're hestating, think about whether or not you did enough to protest the current law which overly restricts distribution of vital records and hampers your genealogy research...

for further information about the 2006 budget and how it will affect genealogy and historical research, please see this web page: NHPRC/NARA FY06 Budget

----- Original Message -----From: "Haston Magnuson"

The following e-mail is of great concern to any genealogists who use archives. Please read, sign the petition, then send this to any other Rootsweb or genealogy lists you're on.

The President's budget recommendations for Fiscal Year 2006 slash or eliminate more than 150 federal programs. In that budget, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) has been targeted to receive NO funding. This includes no funds for the grants program and no funds for staffing to support the NHPRC programs. It effectively eliminates NHPRC.

The Council of State Historical Records Coordinators, the Society of American Archivists, and the National Association for Government Archivists and Records Administrators are working collaboratively to address this threat to NHPRC and NARA. Archivists across the U.S. are rallying to save NHPRC while also ensuring that NARA has sufficient funding to sustain its current programs and continue to advance in areas that benefit all archival repositories and every citizen of the United States.

As part of our efforts to continue to express to Congress interest in restoration of funding for NHPRC, we have created an online petition. Please consider signing this petition, and please forward it to any listservs, e-mail groups, or organizations and people you feel would be interested in helping with this effort. It is a quick and easy way for many people to assist. The petition will be forwarded to the House Appropriations Committee and Subcommittee on Treasury, Transportation, HUD and the Judiciary in late May. The petition can be access at:

_www.savearchives.org_ (

Click on the "petition" button.

If you have not received a previous action alert on this issue, we encourage you to also write a letter to your members of Congress. For information on writing letters of support, see any of the following websites:

www.savearchives.org_ (

www.coshrc.org_ (

www.archivists.org_ (

Thanks for your efforts to save this important program for archives!

Members of the NHPRC Joint Advocacy Task Force Council of State Historical Records Coordinators: David Carmicheal, Sandra Clark, Kathleen Roe

Society of American Archivists: Nancy Beaumont, Peter Gottlieb, Rand Jimerson, Joan Krizack, Richard Pearce-Moses

National Association of Government Archivists and Records Administrators: Timothy Slavin

Monday, June 06, 2005

genevieve majors and charles calvin giles - photo - abt 1934

there is small picture of genevieve majors and charles calvin giles (from a photo taken about 1934), and a link to an individual summary sheet for charles | here |.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Mack MAJORS World War I draft registration card and photograph

i just posted the following military record:

mack majors, age 24
625 clifty street
harriman, roane co, tn

WWI miltary draft registration card and information
a photograph of mack majors circa 1956

the record is | here |

Friday, April 29, 2005

38 tennessee civil war battles

tennessee civil war battles by state

the us national park service maintains some great web pages for the 38 tennessee civil war battles listed below. the pages, with descriptions of each battle, its major particpants, casualty counts, etc. can be accessed | here |.

* Bean's Station
* Blountsville
* Blue Springs
* Brentwood
* Bull's Gap
* Campbell's Station
* Chattanooga (3 battles)
* Collierville
* Columbia
* Dandridge
* Dover
* Fair Garden
* Fort Donelson
* Fort Henry
* Fort Pillow
* Fort Sanders
* Franklin
* Franklin
* Hartsville
* Hatchie's Bridge
* Hoover's Gap
* Jackson
* Johnsonville
* Memphis
* Memphis
* Mossy Creek
* Murfreesborough
* Murfreesborough
* Nashville
* Parker's Cross Roads
* Shiloh
* Spring Hill
* Stones River
* Thompson's Station
* Vaught's Hill
* Wauhatchie

more civil war battles were fought in tennessee than in any other state except virginia.
source:'s "tennessee facts." online.

Monday, April 25, 2005

roane county tennessee records - dates and locations list

handy list of dates for genealogists researching roane co, tn records can be found on my companion tn type blog. the page is | here |.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

nasa and harriman, tennessee

nasa world wind harriman, tn screen shot 2, usgs topo

harriman on world wind - nasa

nasa world wind and harriman, roane co, tn screen shot 1

nasa world wind free software - map exploration heaven for the genealogist

this morning, between bagel bites, i downloaded the most wonderful new genealogy tool. and it's free. totally free.

i'm in love. i'm in love. and i've only used it for five minutes!

nasa world wind software (beta release 1.3) is incredible, and i only know a tiny fraction of what it may be able to show me. here is what i do know these first minutes:

i typed in harriman, tn on the place finder and got a menu containing the following:
harriman tennessee [county] roane [layer] us cities population over 1k population 6744 latitude 35.93389 longitude -84.5525
and a host of other harriman locations with the same kind of information including that for
harriman junction
south harriman
harriman baptist tabernacle
harriman cemetery
harriman church of christ
harriman city hall
harriman city hospital
harriman high school
harriman occupational school
harriman united methodist
old harriman cemetery
south harriman baptist church
south harriman middle school
wdhb-am harriman [radio]
wkce-am harriman [radio]
wkjs-fm harriman [radio]

by clicking on the top of the list (harriman tennessee), and clicking a button that says altitude, i was able to see a satellite view of the town with the place names marked. i clicked another button on top of the main screen that says usgs topo maps and got a usgs map of the area with the place names on the list above - and more - marked. by hitting print screen on my keyboard, i was able to automatically open a window on my hard drive to download a screen shot in png format (or other formats) to my computer. it's a little like having google maps and google satellite technology on my own home computer, and i - map fiend that i am - am so psyched out that i'm practically bouncing in my chair. and i'm also beginning to wonder why i'm writing this instead of playing with - ahem - i mean, studying this software.

i have discovered that there is a keychart image online at nasa that shows how to navigate the software with your mouse and keyboard and which also describes what the various menu choices offer. you can view the
keychart1-3.jpg (jpg image, 1024x768 pixels) here for yourself.

it finds places. it gives county names for towns. it draws boundaries. it downloads coordinates to your gps. it can pinpoint cemeteries. it even has world flags.

i'll upload a couple of screenshots in a second, but then i'm outta here to see what in the world i can see....

note: to use the software, unfortunately, you need a fairly new computer with a fast processor and 3d video card. here are the system and minimum requirements as listed in the software release notes:

nasa world wind 1.3 system requirements

* windows 95, 98, 98se, me, 2000, or xp
* 3d graphics card (
* internet connection
* directx 9.0c and managed directx 9.0c
* .net framework 1.1 runtime libraries

minimum configuration

with the minimum configuration, performance and functionality may be less than expected.

* 700 mhz or higher cpu
* 128 mb ram
* 1 gb disk space (world wind's cache size is 2 gb by default; you must reduce the size of your cache)

recommended configuration

* 1.4 ghz or higher cpu
* 256 mb of ram
* dsl/cable connection or faster
* 3 gb of disk space

you can download the software directly from nasa, but i used because it has a full windows-based installer version. it's totally free. really.

i'm in love. i'm in love. spring is in the air. i continue to gush as i get ready to send some screen shots to this site....

*screen shot 1

screen shot 2

Saturday, April 16, 2005

harriman newspapers - results from the tennessee newspaper project

tennessee newspaper project catalog search page

this is a wonderful resource for finding out who holds copies of local (historical) newpapers.

a key word search will give you the locations of the institutions holding historic newspapers as well as the dates and format of those holdings. using the key word, harriman, got the following list of results for harriman, tn papers (i have removed call numbers and some other details from these results):

citizen (harriman, tenn.)
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
detail holdings: <1904:10:19,11:2,1905:2:15>
summary of holdings: 1904-1905

east tennessean (harriman, tenn.)
holding library: knoxville pub lib - mcclung coll
detail holdings: <1906:1:4,18>
summary of holdings: 1906

harriman daily advance.
holding library: knoxville pub lib - mcclung coll
detail holdings: <1894:1:26-27,>
summary of holdings: 1894

harriman daily advance.
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
oclc#: 16936596
place of publication: tennessee -- roane -- harriman
frequency: daily
detail holdings: <1893:1:11-21,25-5:29,31-6:30>
summary of holdings: 1893

harriman observer.
holding library: knoxville pub lib - mcclung coll
frequency: weekly
copy: original
detail holdings: <1908:10:22-29>
summary of holdings: 1908

harriman observer.
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
frequency: weekly
detail holdings: <1908:1:30>
summary of holdings: 1908

harriman record (harriman, tenn. : 1900)
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
frequency: weekly
detail holdings: <1902(suppl.),
summary of holdings: 1902-1972

harriman record (harriman, tenn. : 1900)
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
detail holdings: <1957:10:24>
summary of holdings: 1902-

harriman record (harriman, tenn. : 1980)
holding library: knoxville pub lib - mcclung coll
frequency: weekly
copy: original
detail holdings: <1902:12:19> <1904:2:26>
<1908:8:21,> <1957:10:24-31>
<1961:10:5> <1965:8:5-26,>

harriman record (harriman, tenn. : 1980)
holding library: knoxville pub lib - mcclung coll
frequency: weekly
copy: original
detail holdings: <1902:12:19> <1904:2:26>
<1908:8:21,> <1957:10:24-31>
<1961:10:5> <1965:8:5-26,>

harriman record (harriman, tenn. : 1980)
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
frequency: weekly
copy: microfilm master
detail holdings: <1980:4:24-6:26,7:10-1987:11:19,
12:3-1998:1:6- summary of holdings:

harriman tribune.
holding library: knoxville pub lib - mcclung coll
copy: original call #: detail holdings: <1894:5:10>
summary of holdings: 1894

harriman weekly advance.
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
frequency: weekly
copy: microfilm master
detail holdings: <1893:1:5-5:25,6:8-15,
summary of holdings: 1893-1900

harriman weekly advance.
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
frequency: weekly
copy: original
detail holdings: <1900:3:1>
summary of holdings: 1893-1900

today's news (harriman, tenn.)
holding library: tenn state lib & arch
frequency: daily
copy: microfilm master
call #: har116-136
detail holdings: <1971:9:7-1978:5:4>
summary of holdings: 1971-1978

Saturday, April 09, 2005

social security prefixes by state at foia site

the first three numbers of a social security number can tell you from which state they were issued. the foia page lists the prefixes and their states.

social security online - freedom of information act information

immigrant ancestors project - has downloadable occupations list

the budding immigrant ancestors project at brigham young university has several dandy genealogy helpers online, one of which is a multilingual pdf list of occupations. the list is 11 pages long!

also on the site at are a couple of handwritten alphabet lists, a towns list, and a script tutorial.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

harriman at google maps - soooo cool

harriman at google maps - try it! what is so neat is that the map is navigable by holding down the right button on your mouse and sliding it in the direction you'd like. zoom features and other navigation aids show up as a small tool on the left side of the screen, and map re-draws (at least on my computer) were very fast. i love it!

tennessee flag centennial celebration until 24 jul 2005

an from the tullahoma news |here | gives a brief history of the tennessee state flag which is will officially celebrate its centennial anniversary on 17 april. the flag was first flown in johnson city and then in harriman.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

cemetery photo album - brashear or brashears family cemetery, roane co, tennessee

i just posted a 61 page photo album of the brashear family cemetery, sugar grove valley, roane county, tennessee at one of my companion sites. it joins the photo albums of other roane county cemeteries that i've posted on my rootsweb site.

here's an index of the descriptions:

the elmer & linda edwards home - built on top of brashears ruins. the cemetery is behind this house.

sign on edwards house front porch. the house is now deserted. (2004)

overview of the cemetery with the robert samuel brashears grave marked

robert s. brashears, born may 20, 1731 - date of death not on stone

robert samuel brashears (lower right) - context shot

mary brashears - fragment 1

mary brashears -fragment 2 - died may 23, 1872

emily s. brashears, born jan 10, 1844, died may 25, 18[71]

unknown soldier, co h, [8 or 18] tenn inf

sarah j. roberts, dau of joseph and mary brashears, wife of bf roberts

george wc brashears, 1810-1840 - taken 2003 - compare with next

george w.c. brashears, 1810-1840 - this is 2004 - comapare with previous

unknown - grave marked by stone

bassil brashears, born may 7, 1781 - death not on stone

side and overview of fenced area

louisa - wife of samuel roberts - inside fence

mary j. kries 1851-1882

william b. carmichael

mandy c. brashears 1831-1835 - fallen marker

samuel brashears - fragments died aug 29 [1840]

samuel - infant son of b and margaret roberts 1858

unknown - deteriorated marker

unknown - marker fragment

john brashears, oct 17, 1860-nov 6, 1860

john brashears 1860

unknown - stone fragment marks grave near louisa roberts

samuel roberts 1871-1873

fenced in plot with louisa roberts - outside: infant ladd

william deitrick - son of frank and dora ladd

ladd - infant of frank and dora

ladd and wright plot

unknown - deteriorated marker

marker fragments - unknown

joseph - may be hester but near john brashears

unknown - cannot read marker


unknown - may be a foot stone

mary elonar francis brashears, may 8, 1859-nov 12, 1861

mary elon francis brashears, j. fagan, grave marker maker (bottom left corner)

josheph camel brashears

josheph camel brashers , 1857, 1861

joseph camel brashears 1857, 1861 - near samuel roberts

samuel h. roberts, 1871-1873

john brashears, co e, 1 tenn inf

john brashears, co e, 1 tenn inf

mary a., oldest daughter of churful and mary a. hester, 1865-1912

dora kries, wife of frank ladd

frank ladd, 1852-1922

kries, raney , brashears with a 7th great-granddaughter of robert s brashear

freddie earl, son of harvey and ida wright, 1909-1910

ida belle hester wright

infant son of dj and maggie wright, apr 3, 18[8?]4

lija lankford - listed in books as elijah lankford

am nichol - co f, [154 ill inf]

elsie, dau of dj and mary e collins

mary m, dau of [d]j and m [c]ollins, d 23 sep 1875

ladds, infant raney, ida belle hester wright, mary a. hester

lima, dau of ph and mt mcclellan, 11 jul 1900-22 jul 1901

overview - edwards house would be to the right, behind the pines

jennie bell - dau of frank and dora ladd

elizabeth brashears, d sept 5, 1879

Monday, February 21, 2005

jay jiles in today's roane county news

there's an article in today's roane county newsonline that mentions a jay jiles. at this time, i don't know whether or not he is related to my giles line.

here's the text the paragraph mentioning jiles: :
Jay Jiles was honored for his military career. Jiles served in the army from 1941 to 1945 and for his work he earned a Good Conduct Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal, a Bronze Star and many other awards. Jiles also worked for the city of Rockwood for 13 years.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Harriman TN census information at the US Census Bureau's U.S. Gazetteer

US Census Bureau data for : Harriman, TN (city), 1990
Population (1990): 7119
Location: 35.93336 N, 84.56168 W
Zip Code(s): 37748 37854
Tiger Map of area | here |

The 2000 Census statistical abstract for the city of Harriman (Roane County, Tennessee) can be downloaded as a pdf file from the US Census Bureau | here |.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

generate a timeline of your ancestors online - free

i'm fond of two nifty timeline-generating sites.

the first service - provided by - is the simplest to use and presents the cleanest graphics. enter up to 8 dates (or range of dates) - including approximations and estimates - into your choice of a horizontal or vertical preformatted table, and the site will generate an html page with your timeline all nicely formatted and illustrated with border graphics. you'll then be able to download and use the html page or print out what you've got. the chart it generates is also small enough for you to take a screen shot and use as a graphic. this free service is available | here |. the only catch, of course, is that you provide all the data itself.

the granddaddy and still the best free timeline html pages generator online, however, is still found at ourtimelines | here |. on ourtimelines, your data is integrated with data from onsite databases.

no strings attached to either service. none.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

roane county tennessee genealogy links and a genelaogy search help page you'll use

the title says it all. these are specific links for genealogists looking for free information on families from roane county, tennessee. links to available free census data online are posted onsite, too.

check out the links to free online resources | here |.

while you're at it, you might want to look at the page i concocted to conduct some of my own genealogy searches. it's | here |.