Wednesday, March 09, 2005

cemetery photo album - brashear or brashears family cemetery, roane co, tennessee

i just posted a 61 page photo album of the brashear family cemetery, sugar grove valley, roane county, tennessee at one of my companion sites. it joins the photo albums of other roane county cemeteries that i've posted on my rootsweb site.

here's an index of the descriptions:

the elmer & linda edwards home - built on top of brashears ruins. the cemetery is behind this house.

sign on edwards house front porch. the house is now deserted. (2004)

overview of the cemetery with the robert samuel brashears grave marked

robert s. brashears, born may 20, 1731 - date of death not on stone

robert samuel brashears (lower right) - context shot

mary brashears - fragment 1

mary brashears -fragment 2 - died may 23, 1872

emily s. brashears, born jan 10, 1844, died may 25, 18[71]

unknown soldier, co h, [8 or 18] tenn inf

sarah j. roberts, dau of joseph and mary brashears, wife of bf roberts

george wc brashears, 1810-1840 - taken 2003 - compare with next

george w.c. brashears, 1810-1840 - this is 2004 - comapare with previous

unknown - grave marked by stone

bassil brashears, born may 7, 1781 - death not on stone

side and overview of fenced area

louisa - wife of samuel roberts - inside fence

mary j. kries 1851-1882

william b. carmichael

mandy c. brashears 1831-1835 - fallen marker

samuel brashears - fragments died aug 29 [1840]

samuel - infant son of b and margaret roberts 1858

unknown - deteriorated marker

unknown - marker fragment

john brashears, oct 17, 1860-nov 6, 1860

john brashears 1860

unknown - stone fragment marks grave near louisa roberts

samuel roberts 1871-1873

fenced in plot with louisa roberts - outside: infant ladd

william deitrick - son of frank and dora ladd

ladd - infant of frank and dora

ladd and wright plot

unknown - deteriorated marker

marker fragments - unknown

joseph - may be hester but near john brashears

unknown - cannot read marker


unknown - may be a foot stone

mary elonar francis brashears, may 8, 1859-nov 12, 1861

mary elon francis brashears, j. fagan, grave marker maker (bottom left corner)

josheph camel brashears

josheph camel brashers , 1857, 1861

joseph camel brashears 1857, 1861 - near samuel roberts

samuel h. roberts, 1871-1873

john brashears, co e, 1 tenn inf

john brashears, co e, 1 tenn inf

mary a., oldest daughter of churful and mary a. hester, 1865-1912

dora kries, wife of frank ladd

frank ladd, 1852-1922

kries, raney , brashears with a 7th great-granddaughter of robert s brashear

freddie earl, son of harvey and ida wright, 1909-1910

ida belle hester wright

infant son of dj and maggie wright, apr 3, 18[8?]4

lija lankford - listed in books as elijah lankford

am nichol - co f, [154 ill inf]

elsie, dau of dj and mary e collins

mary m, dau of [d]j and m [c]ollins, d 23 sep 1875

ladds, infant raney, ida belle hester wright, mary a. hester

lima, dau of ph and mt mcclellan, 11 jul 1900-22 jul 1901

overview - edwards house would be to the right, behind the pines

jennie bell - dau of frank and dora ladd

elizabeth brashears, d sept 5, 1879

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