Monday, October 09, 2006

free online source citation generator - citing sources easily

those doing genealogy research quickly learn that our data is only as good as its source.  keeping track of ways to document all the different items we use as source materials, however, can be a pain - online GEDCOMS, courthouse records, cassette tapes, interviews, newsletters, etc.

even the best genealogy software programs don't readily solve all our sourcing questions. the online citation generator at is a great adjunct to the sourcing wizards built into most contemporary genealogy programs.
with its online generators, you can figure out how to style just about any source properly - or at least get  a good an idea of how to adapt one to use for that source that's got you stumped.

the generator is actually a series of forms you select from based on what kind of source you have used - print or nonprint. the descriptors are good, and so a form is usually easy to pick. each of them allows you to input your various bits of publication data - eg. publication name, author, editor, compiler, publisher, date, page, book name, periodical name, and so forth; click a button; and voila - get all your bits stitched together, all translated into proper citation format which can then be cut and pasted into your software or into a word processor for further "fancifying."

try it! it's free, free, free....

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