Saturday, November 13, 2004

newport - garrison cemetery, rhea co, tn (asa newport)

asa newport, 7 oct 1902 - 15 dec 1876, newport cemetery, rhea co, tn (also found in records as the garrison cemetery)

Located south of Rockwood, TN, this cemetery may be listed in other sources as the Garrison Cemetery. Edna Clack, another Newport descendant, however, makes a strong argument that this was the Newport family cemetery, located on Newport land, and so should be listed as the "Newport Cemetery." I follow her lead in my own research.

We visited the cemetery on 27 Sep 2003. Though the small woods that surround it are ovregrown and full of prickly vines, the graves and the surviving stones themselves appear to be well kept. A few silk flowers were on graves. The cemetery is now located on land owned by Lakeside Resort. A resort worker told us that the resort and the land had still been called Newport less than a decade ago. A small in-ground TVA marker is at the entrance path to the cemetery.

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