Sunday, November 14, 2004

uncleGED7 - help is on the way

dick eastman's newsletter today had two items of interest to me.

the first - his promotion of the firefox web browser (and about time). yes! rediscover the web!

Get Firefox

the second - a review of mike DeBacker's unleGED7, a terrific-sounding program that will generate html pages from ged 5.5 files. what makes the program different from my own beloved legacy deluxe 5 seems to be that uncleGED7 has user-customizable style sheets (css), a technological blessing for web keepers - useful not only for updating web pages but for keeping automatically generated pages from being cookie-cutter clones of everyone else's generated by the same program.

note: earlier firefox users may need to upgrade to the current version - see the recent article in the age.)

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